1 Second Socket - Work on Different Sized Nuts and Bolts with Just this One Tool

Common fastening items that are used in the different parts of your home are nuts and bolts but the problem is that there are different sizes to these, which may require the need for you to use different tools. If you want to be free from this hassle when working with such items hen the 1 Second Socket™ is the product that you will definitely find to be useful. With this product, you will not need to use different sockets as this one tool will work with virtually all nuts and bolts that you will encounter. As seen on www.1secondsocket.com, the 1 Second Socket's head features retractable steel rods inside and as you insert the 1 Second Socket onto the nut or bolt that you work with, the rods that come into contact with the bolt retract while the ones that do not stay in place. This allows the 1 Second Socket head to effectively conform to the size of the bolt, negating the need for you to use different sized sockets. Also, what's great about the 1 Second Socket is that it can take up to 140 pounds of torque so whether you want to loosen nuts or bolts or securely tighten them, the 1 Second Socket should be able to take the force that you apply onto it.

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