1877 $50 Half Union Proof - Complete Your Coin Collection with this Non-Monetary Replica

The 1877 $50 Half Union Proof™ is a uniquely designed coin, and is the largest coin ever struck by the US Government. Unfortunately for all you coin collectors out there, only 2 coins of this design and weight were ever struck, and the only 2 pieces are already in the custody of the Smithsonian Institute. Now however, you can add this amazing coin into your collection with the private minting of the 1877 $50 Half Union Proof. This copy of the original valuable coin retains all of the details of what is probably the most valuable coin in the world. This proof is clad in 24 karat pure gold, and measures over 51mm in diameter and weighs over 2.5 Troy ounces, making it one of the biggest coins ever made. The obverse side features the head of Liberty with a coronet on her hair. The reverse side of the coin depicts the heraldic eagle, as well as shows the Fifty Dollars value of the coin, the highest value ever struck on gold by the United States. Each coin comes with an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity which is very important for avid coin collectors. So if you are looking for a unique addition to your coin collection or you are looking for a great centerpiece among your coins, then the 1877 $50 Half Union Proof is the item to get.

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