1948 Ford Pickup - Try this F-1 Reproduction and Get a 1956 Ford Truck Replica as a FREE Bonus.

Remember the past and celebrate the glorious history of the American automobile with your very own reproduction of the revolutionary 1948 Ford Pickup, the first pickup in the Ford F-1 Series Pickups that took the nation by storm and became the best-selling pickup in the world. Henry Ford himself would be proud of the 1948 Ford Pickup reproduction, a die-cast Museum Mint collector's edition replica that commemorates the 60th anniversary of the amazing new truck that changed the world of work vehicles forever. It includes every detail that made the 1948 Ford Pick up so special: horizontal grill, hardwood sandwich-stacked truck bed, the million dollar cab, the Ford V8 engine and spare tire underneath. With full moving parts, you'll get to see every last detail. The 48 Ford Pickup wasn't just a new truck - it was the truck that inspired generations of iconic Ford trucks. That's why if you order the 1948 Ford Pickup now, you'll also get a reproduction 1956 classic Ford F-100 Pickup, another marvel of stylish engineering that features movable parts, a wrap-around windshield and a 3-man cab. No collector should be without these two reproduction Ford Pickup models. Best of all, both the 1948 Ford Pickup and the 1956 Ford Pickup come with Certificates of Authenticity, so you know they're built just like the original.

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