1Tac Tactical Pen - This is a Pen that You May Find to Be Very Useful in a Variety of Emergency Situations

You will never know when you will find yourself in an emergency situation so it would be best if you are as prepared as possible for such unforeseen eventualities. If you are looking for a truly useful emergency tool that you can easily bring with you virtually anywhere then the 1Tac Tactical Pen™ is the product for you. As the name goes, this product is a functional ball point pen but has a number of extra features that makes it truly useful in emergency situations. As seen on www.1tac.com, the product features a razor sharp blade which can be used for utility or self defense purposes. On the opposite end of the Tactical Pen's writing tip is an LED flashlight with an easy on and off button for illumination when needed. Also, the 1 Tac Tactical Pen has a forged tungsten tip which can be used to break glass easily. Along with all these features, the 1Tac Tactical is made from high quality materials making it truly durable. Also, the product features a rugged matte black finish with diamond threaded handles to ensure that the product is very grippy to hold, making it easily useable and reliable as well. The 1Tac Tactical Pen can truly be a lifesaver during emergency situations.

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