3D Coin Art American Flag - Use Your Unused Coins at Home to Create a Beautiful Piece of Art

Do you have a lot of unused quarters or dimes at home? You will want to consider using them to build the 3D Coin Art American Flag™ then. This product is specially designed to allow you to easily create your own image of the American Flag using a variety of coins. Simply collect the necessary number and types of coins in the coin counter tray and that once you have all the coins, you can start with building this piece of art. As seen on www.3dcoinart.com, all that you will basically need to do is to insert the appropriate coins to the appropriate spaces as instructed by the manual and that when you are done, you should have an image of the American flag that features a unique look to it thanks to the sheen that your coins may have. Aside from being a great display piece, the 3d Coin Art American Flag can be used as a coin storage item so it is quite useful as well. You can also choose to remove out all coins and start with the puzzle again so it should be able to provide you as well as your friends a lot of fun times trying to put back the flag puzzle together.

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