3D Coloring Books - Reviews say this Product Will Allow Your Child to Have a Unique Coloring Experience

It is no secret that children love to do a lot of coloring and that this is an activity that they want to do on a frequent basis. If you notice however that your child is already getting bored of the same old coloring books and styles that he or she does, then 3D Coloring Books™ is the product that you will definitely want to get for your child. As seen on www.3dbooks.com, the 3DColoringBooks kit comes with a number of coloring books featuring a wide range of designs for your child to work on. However, what sets the 3d Coloring Books apart from other similar items is that it features 3D Augmented Imagery through the product's smartphone app. When you purchase the 3D Coloring Books kit, included in the purchase is a free app which you can install into compatible tablet computers or smartphones. Once your child is done coloring the kits books, you can use the mobile app to scan the images which can reveal 3D Augmented images. Reviews also love that it is also somehow possible for your child to interact with the 3D images found on your tablet of smartphone's screen. These features mean that your child will have a truly fun time coloring.

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