$50 Gold Buffalo Tribute Proof - A Majestic Tribute to the Buffalo Nickel and the $50 Gold Buffalo

The years 1913 to 1938 saw the era of the Buffalo nickel coin. Its elegant design was well loved and admired, and from that design, the $50 Gold Buffalo Tribute Proof™ was produced. Made with 0.9999 pure 24 KT Gold, it was the first purest gold coin ever minted in America. Its popularity skyrocketed with investors and collectors alike, and only stopped production because the specially made gold blanks experienced a shortage. Since then, the price of those coins has risen to astounding heights. In tribute to this one of a kind piece of American History, the National Collector's Mint is creating a Tribute Proof. These non-monetary tribute proofs are clad in 14 mg of pure gold. They feature the very same James Earle Fraser designed American Buffalo against a mirror finish that brings out all its majestic detail. The opposite side features a Native American Indian Head, also designed by James Earle Fraser, staring out into time and tradition. This magnificent tribute to a piece of American history and artistic coinage can be yours to own today. Order the $50 Gold Buffalo Tribute Proof and be part of an enduring piece of culture and design that will have weight and value beyond our own time.

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