6 Week Body Makeover - Challenge Yourself to Try This Customized Makeover Plan for Your Body's Unique Transformation Needs. From Michael Thurmond.

True or False: Eat less and push your body to the limit with exercise then you will lose weight. TRUE. True or False: This is the best way to lose weight. FALSE. True or False: You can eat more, exercise less and lose weight. TRUE. Hard to believe? You can lose eat more and exercise minimally while still losing weight. This is only possible with the 6 Week Body Makeover™. If you have tried other weight loss programs, you know that the most advanced programs include not just diet & exercise, but also motivation. But did you know that there is now a fourth and most important factor? Customization. Your body is not like anybody else's. You have unique problem areas you want to target, and that requires special exercise and diet. Only by focusing on these important areas can you achieve true transformation. Michael Thurmond, creator of the 6 Week Body Makeover, has designed a unique system he calls Body Blueprinting, which will build a diet and exercise system custom fit you. As promised, these diet plans will let you eat more, because you will be eating quality food that actually helps your metabolism improve to help you lose weight. The exercise programs made specifically for you only take 18 minutes to complete and do not have to be done every day to see results. We challenge you to try the 6 Week Body Makeover today and see why every review is one of success.

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