Ab-Doer Twist - Amazing Ab Sculpting Machine from John Abdo Takes Your Workout To The Extreme, While Still Being Comfortable

If you have heard of the Ab-Doer Twist™, then you know that thousands of people have benfited from John Abdo's amazing machine. With its patented Torsionflex Technology, the Ab-doer twist is able to target all those areas you want to work, such as your upper abs and lower abs. It also targets hard to reach areas like the back and obliques. It's a total body workout, that even leaves you feeling great, with the messaging action of the special foam roller. And you get to do all of it from a comfortable seated position. There is no other workout like it! But now they are taking the Ab-doer Twist to the extreme, with new available special features. Elevate your workout to a pro level with the new resistance package, including two resistance bands, 2 hand grips, 2 ankle cuffs , and 2 arm bar clips. This will help make your Ab-doer Twist workout more effective after you have increased your level of fitness. Also available is the specially designed Ab-doer Twist workout program, starring John Abdo himself. It will be like having John Abdo as your very own personal trainer in the comfort of your own home. Reviews show that the Ab-doer Twist gets amazing results. Many people have sculpted their bodies into their perfect shape and continue to keep fit by using this extreme machine. You deserve to improve your body as well. You deserve to get an Ab-doer Twist today.

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