Ab Dominator - Reviews say this Product Helps You Quickly and Effectively Build a Strong and Sexy Core

Do you want to get rid of your excess belly fat and have a strong and shapely core instead? The Ab Dominator™ is the product that you will definitely want to use then. With conventional ab exercises, you only have a limited range of motion for your core which can minimize how effective your core exercises can be. With the Ab Dominator, this should not be a problem anymore. Equipment like the ab wheel extended your range of motion, which resulted in a much more intense and at the same time more effective ab workout. As seen on www.abdominator.net, the Ab Dominator takes that even further. Instead of a wheel, your weight is supported on a ball with handles on both sides. With this, not only can you roll forward using the Ab Dominator, but it is also possible to roll to a wide range of other directions. This helps to activate all of your core muscles and give them an intense workout, that will help to surely get rid of excess fat and allow you to gain strength in your core quickly. Reviews also love that the Ab Dominator is designed to not just be used by holding it, but you can also slip your feet through the handles and roll it using your legs. This can result in an equally intense lower ab and leg exercise, making the Ab Dominator a true, simple to use yet at the same time highly effective workout machine.

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