Ab Glider - The Amazing Exercise Machine That Will Let You Glide Your Way to Fitter Abs, Buns, and Thighs

Here it is! As seen on TV, the Ab Glider™ by Proform is changing abs, buns and thighs all over the world! Looking great and being healthy starts at your core, and what better way to get yourself fin to fab fitness than using the most effective enjoyable ab sculping exercise machine out there today - the Ab Glider. The Ab Glider is fantastic because it works those hard to work abs, and allows the fitness to radiate outwards towards the rest of your body, specially to your buns and thighs. Imagine having that washboard flat belly, well toned and cellulite free thighs, and a butt that turns heads everywhere. It is all possible with the Ab Glider. When you get the Ab Glider, you are not just getting the amazing exercise machine that is getting rave reviews everywhere. You are also getting Elizabeth Hasselback as your trainer, because she will be with you every step of the way, from the day you unpack your Ab Glider, to the day you are gliding through the exercises in order to maintain your magnificent abs. You deserve to have the best body you can have, and you can have it while having fun on the Ab Glider. Get yourself an Ab Glider today!

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