Ab Lounge - Reviews Prove this Lounger Chair Exercises Give Your Abs an Extreme Workout. AbLounge Sport & Ultra Models Available

It's finally time to slim down, shape up and get on the fast track to strong, sexy abs with Ab Lounge™, the workout lounger chair that has taken the sport exercises world by storm - Ab Lounge has already helped millions of men and women worldwide get the lean, fit sexy beach bodies they've always wanted. Now it's your turn. The secret to Ab Lounge is its unique extreme jackknife crunch range of motion - you simply sit on the comfortably padded Ab Lounge, place your hands and feet into position and crunch. The Ab Lounge extends your body beyond 180 degrees for long-term muscle activation that burns fat long after you're done with your exercises. And you never, ever have to get on the floor, lurch uncomfortably or strain your neck to get in shape with Ab Lounge. AbLounge is great for beginners and challenging for professions - for a heavy duty workout, simply extend your arms and legs straight through the end straps for the advanced jackknife. Ab Lounge is so easy, you don't need a manual or video to learn how to do it - simply sit and crunch. Still not sure if Ab Lounge is for you? Just check out these reviews from some of the leading magazines in the world: "Highly motivating." -- Prevention Magazine. "Lives up to its claims of working abs through the most firming range of positions." -- Women's World. Ab Lounge works your core abs and surround muscles with precision exercises that last all day, yet it's easy on the body. AbLounge is available in several models including Sport, XL, Ultra, and Xtreme. Get the strong, sexy body you've always wanted with Ab Lounge today!

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