Ab Rocket - Reviews Say this Exercise Equipment Machine is a Great Way to Flatten Your Abs. Risk-Free Trial!

The Ab Rocket™ is an extremely versatile and fully adjustable exercise machine that will give you rocks hard ad's in half the time of traditional crunches. Not only that, Ab-Rocket is compact, portable and extremely comfortable to use. No more sore neck and back from doing floor crunches and Pilates. Ab Rocket supports the back and neck and is equipped with rolling cushions that actually give you a massage as you work out. The Reviews are in! And all point to Ab Rocket being the most phenomenal exercise machine developed in years. The AbRocket is versatile enough to use for an intense abdominal workout or to assist during your favorite Pilates routine. Best of all, its easy! The Ab Rocket comes with a complete video workout that will get you started on the ab's of your dreams in just minutes. For those who are tired of suffering through painful and hard abdominal exercises- relief is as close as this as seen on TV offer. Unlike bulky exercise machines, the AbRocket takes little room to store and the resistance levels can be conveniently altered to suit your needs. Whether you are just a beginner or a fitness professional, the Ab-Rocket will give you the rock hard and healthy core muscles that you need to look and feel great. The only thing you have to lose by trying the Ab-Rocket is 2 inches off your waistline in just two weeks!

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