AbCoaster - Exercise Equipment Machine Uses Arc Motion to Work Out Your Abs. Get a 30 Day Trial of Ab Coaster.

The secret of professional body builders has come into the public eye - finally! Traditional sit ups work abdominal muscles from the top down and ultimately return sub-standard results. In order to really get the abs you want - abs that are chiseled and sculpted - you need to work them from the bottom up, like the professionals do. This is exactly what the AbCoaster® will do for you. Using this revolutionary piece of exercise equipment, your abs will be worked every single moment you spend exercising. The natural arc motion of the AbCoaster machine keeps your core in constant contraction. The result of this type of bottom to top exercise gets you lean, sculpted abs in the shortest amount of time possible. Using the adjustable knee pads, you can easily exercise the oblique muscles. Men and women everywhere are trying the Ab Coaster and seeing the results they were never able to obtain before. Traditional sit ups and crunches put unnecessary strain on the neck and back, sometimes causing discomfort or injury. Get up off the floor with AbCoaster and join the multitude of those customer reviews who have seen a significant loss in inches around their mid-section and waist. Better results in less time with Ab Coaster. Ab exercises that are done quickly, efficiently and up of the floor; a piece of exercise equipment you can use in the comfort of your own home; what better way to get in shape.

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