Abracadabra Wallet - The Slim and Compact Wallet that Can Hold a Lot of Cards and Cash

If you bring along a lot of cash and cards whenever you go out then it is possible that you have to stuff these into your wallet, which can then bulge up and be quite difficult and uncomfortable to place inside your pocket. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to easily bring a sizeable number of them without the bulge or the bulk in your pocket, then the Abracadabra Wallet™ is the product for you. As seen on www.abracadabrawallet.com, unlike conventional wallets, the Abracadabra Wallet has a slim profile that even when filled is only up to about half an inch thick. However, the Abracadabra Wallet can still be able to hold up to a number of credit cards and bills at once so you will not lose the storage capacity just to favor more portability. The Abracadabra Wallet also has a number of standout features including a nylon strap that automatically locks in the cash bills or cards that you put inside the wallet. Also, the Abracadabra Wallet featured RFID blocking which protects your cards from being scanned, which also protects your sensitive information and card privacy. These wallets are also made using genuine leather so not only are they functional, but these wallets also have a premium feel to them.

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