Active Mind - This Supplement Helps Your Brain Function Better, Allowing You to Become More Alert

As an individual ages, it is not only the body that becomes old and withered; brain function also suffers, making one feel slow and less alert. If you feel that your mental quickness and alertness are declining and that you are looking for a product that will help you gain some of your alertness back again then Active Mind™ is the product for your case. This dietary supplement by Puritan's Pride is specially formulated to enhance brain function; improving mental clarity and focus. The active ingredient of Active Mind is CDP-choline. With adequate levels of this choline-donor in the brain, phospholipids and acetylcholine are formed. As seen on, these compounds are scientifically proven to enhance memory, focus and mental alertness, allowing you to perform better as well as think and react faster, whatever it is that you may be doing. It also helps that ActiveMind contains L-Theanine as well as Caffeine which further adds brain-enhancing effects. What's great about Active Mind is that within just 60 minutes of taking the Active Mind supplement; the user will surely notice an improvement in mental clarity and alertness. Also, Active Mind does not contain artificial flavours, preservatives, sugar, gluten or soy, making it safe for use even for extended periods of time.

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