Add Height - Reviews say this Product Can Instantly Add Up to 2 Inches to Your Height

Being tall has a lot of advantages as it can help an individual reach high objects easier and tall people tend to look more attractive as well. If you feel that your height is not good enough and you are looking for a product that will boost your height instantly then Add Height™ is the product that you should use. As seen on, Add Height is a shoe insert that you place onto the heel area of your footwear. The product is made out of layers of memory foam, silicone gel and the patent pending polyvinyl foundation materials. Together, these materials boost the user's height up to 2 inches when using the product inside their shoes. Reviews also love that the product features a discrete design so people will not be able to notice that you are using the product under your shoes. Also, what's great about Add Height is that thanks to the materials used in its construction, the product is really comfortable to wear even for hours a day so you are guaranteed to enjoy the height increase benefits without pain or discomfort. For an instant boost of your height and confidence without too much hassle, the Add Height is definitely one product that you will want to purchase.

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