Aero Knife - The Holes in this Sharp Stainless Steel Knife Ensure Food Won't Stick to the Sides

Sometimes less really is more! The Aero Knife™ may not look like any other knife you have seen because there are holes on the side of the blade. But this is what makes this knife so much better. These holes mean the Aeroknife has 60% less surface area than a solid knife, which reduces friction and ensures that food will not stick to the sides when you are slicing. Chopping vegetables is so much quicker when you do not have to stop to remove food from the side of the knife. The holes also make Aero Knife much lighter than other knives of the same size. Because it is so lightweight, you do not have to use as much force or pressure when cutting through something solid. So the Aero knife will not crush your food and the slices you get will be cut twice as smooth. The Aeroknife blade is laser-cut and made of forged stainless steel. It is tough enough to cut through wood but sharp enough to slice a tomato. As seen on the TV infomercial with Anthony Sullivan, the Aeroknife is so precise you will be able to cut vegetables so thin that you can even read a newspaper through them! This is the perfect knife to use for cutting poultry, even when you have to slice through the bone. Also available are the Edge of Glory knife sharpener and the serrated version of the Aeroknife, perfect for cutting bread.

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