Aero Visor - Reviews say this Product Will Effectively Improve Your Vision while Driving

When driving, it is very important that you have as clear and wide vision of your surroundings as possible. If you feel that your side mirrors are not able to give you enough vision of your vehicle's sides while driving, then the Aero Visor™ is the product that you should get. As seen on, the AeroVisor is really easy to install. Simply apply the double sided adhesive onto the bottom of the Aero Visor then stick the product on top of your vehicle's side mirrors. The Aero Visor provides double the vision of your vehicle's sides and rear, eliminating blind spots and giving you a better view of what is happening behind and at the sides of your car. This will give you more input to best react to other vehicles on the road with you or to obstacles that you would not have seen with just your standard side mirrors. Aside from the added field of view that the product gives drivers, reviews also love that the Aero Visor features an air intake vent and rain discharge port. Basically, what this feature does is it repels the rain that may get onto your side mirrors. This results in side mirrors that are always clear and free from moisture, allowing you optimal vision from these mirrors at all times.

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