Air Gliders - Cushioning Insoles That Massage Your Feet and Relieve you of Foot Pain as You Walk or Run

If you like to run long distances to get in shape, or simply want to walk around, or do a lot of walking in your everyday routine, then you may have suffered some form of foot pain or discomfort. If you want more cushioning from your footwear, or want to be constantly massaged as you walk or run, then getting specialized insoles like the Air Gliders™ is the best decision you can make. The amazing Air Gliders feature 110 micro-cushions built into each and every one of them. These footwear inserts act as a specialized cushioning that will give your feet a soft feel every time you make a step. The various impact forces that your feet absorb are the culprits for whatever pain or discomfort you might feel from your feet or legs, but with the AirGliders, you can say goodbye to painful impact on the feet and enjoy a much more comfortable step. The Air Gliders also give a massage to your feet, relieving them of stress and allowing you to walk or run much longer. Air Gliders fits all shoe sizes, so you are guaranteed to enjoy these amazing insoles regardless of what footwear you use. So if you constantly suffer from foot pain due to your frequent walking or running, there is no need to buy new footwear; just add Air Gliders to your existing pair of shoes or sandals and you will experience pain free walking or running.

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