AirClimber - Reviews Say Brenda Dygraf's Air Stair Stepper Fitness System Really Works

You will be able to get fit quickly by using Brenda Dygraf's multi-function AirClimber™ because you can use as many as 950 calories each hour. The Air Climber by Brenda Dygraf is a cutting edge version of the basic stair stepper. It works by burning fat through cardiovascular exercise, firming up muscles by resistance exercise, and toning the stomach muscles, all in a 20-minute regimen. Stop working out on the ground or on bulky exercise machines. Start using Brenda Dygraf's Air Climber, which is an enjoyable method of exercise that will help you feel better about yourself each time you use it. What makes the Air Climber system so successful is the Air Power Technology that provides the user with an enjoyable, intense workout through natural resistance for full-body fitness. You will use an average of 500 calories each hour, but some users have said that they burned as many as 950 calories in a 60-minute workout. That will help you achieve your fitness and weigh loss goals quickly. As seen on TV, the AirClimber by fitness expert Brenda Dygraf, is an extremely revolutionary product that can also be viewed at This system is ideal for people just starting to exercise, since it's user-friendly, but experienced exercisers are going to enjoy it too, due to its simple method of increasing the intensity of the workout. Brenda Dygraff's Air Climber comes with an user's guide and workout video. This product is going to help you reach your fitness goals and get the fit, toned, and hot body you've always wanted.

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