All Open - This Product Will Make it Very Easy for You to Open Virtually Any Bottle or Can that You Have

Do you love to do your cooking or food preparation at home but you hate that there are bottles and cans that you find very difficult to open? All Open™ is the product that you will want to have then. What's great about the All Open is that it is a compact tool that will make it very easy for you to virtually any can or food container that you have. The AllOpen features a conventional bottle opener if you want to use one and that it also features a cap twister that will allow you to easily twist to open virtually any bottle cap. The All Open also features a can puncturing mechanism that will allow you to easily relieve the pressure from any can that you have in your home for easy opening and that it also features a hook that will allow you to open easy open cans without you having to use your finger nails to open it. What's great about the AllOpen is that it is small, compact and very easy to hold so not only does it make opening bottles and cans very easy and ergonomic but the All Open's small form factor makes it very easy to store as well.

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