Alternative Facts - This is One Card Game That You and Your Friends or Family Will Have Fun Playing

Do you tend to have gatherings with your family and/or friends and you are looking for a product that will help give you a fun time? Alternative Facts™ is one card game that you will definitely want to play then. What's great about alternative facts is that not only is it fun and exciting, but you might also learn new information as you play. As seen on, Alternative Facts features cards with questions that deal in politics, sports as well as music. Some of these questions relate to facts while others are simply alternative facts. It is up for the opposing team to decide which is which. The first team who gets to the number of correctly answered questions wins the game. What's great about Alternative Facts is that it features facts that you thought were so outrageous, they weren't true when in fact, they did happen. Also, there are up to 550 Alternative Facts cards that you can get. With these sheer number of cards as well as the plethora of information that you can learn, Alternative Facts definitely makes for a fun team game that will result in hours of fun and laughter, and can actually be an educational experience as well.

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