Aluma Slide - The Secure Credit Card Holder with a Money Clip That Gives You Easy Access To All Your Cards

We've all had that problem before, either your wallet is holding your cards too tight, or it's so loose already that your cards all fall out whenever you hold the wallet wrong. That is why you need the Aluma Slide™, the revolutionary new card holder that will act as your credit card holder, ID holder and money clip. It works better than a conventional wallet because it has a special mechanism that allows you to access your different credit cards and IDs without having to wedge your fingers into the slot. Each card is held in its own slot, which can be released with the press of a button. You get just the card you need, and the others are held secure. On the back there is even a money clip, allowing you to dispose of all your other money clips that are not able to hold cards and IDs. As seen on TV this amazing credit card holder is getting so many good reviews, because there is no other money holding item that works as well as this. Imagine being able to take out the right card in mere seconds, without having to force your fingers into the slot. Never hold up the line by taking forever with your cards, and never drop your cards all over the place with the secured holder. Get an Aluma Slide now!

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