Ankle Genie - The Compression Sleeve that Will Prevent Swelling Feet

Do you do a lot of walking or standing at work, and you feel your ankles and feet swell and hurt later in the day? Relieve yourself of this discomfort by using the Ankle Genie™. This revolutionary compression sleeve will prevent foot swelling and pain due to excessive standing and walking, and will give you maximum comfort throughout the day. Unlike medical compression socks that can be difficult to put on as they are to pull off, the Ankle Genie features a zip action allowing you to easily put on the compression sleeve and just zip it to secure. It also features adjustable Velcro closures that make it very easy for you to adjust the Ankle Genie to a comfortable level. Because of this easy adjust action; you can wear the Ankle Genie over socks or stockings in order to maintain a maximum level of comfort without compromising on support that will prevent the swelling and pain that may develop due to increased strain and workload to your feet. Now you do not need to wear specialized footwear for work which can be extremely expensive. With the Ankle Genie, you can turn just about any footwear available into comfortable and supporting footwear that you will love to use throughout the day.

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