Anti-Sleep Alarm - Stop Yourself from Dozing Off with this Product

Sleeping is an activity that is a necessity for humans but the problem is that when you get sleepy or actually start to fall asleep while working, studying or worse, driving. If you are looking for a product that will help to prevent you from falling asleep on times when you shouldn't be then the Anti-Sleep Alarm™ is the best product for you. As seen on, all that you need to do is to switch on the Anti-Sleep Alar then hook the product onto one of your ears. When you get sleepy, it is very likely that you will tilt your head forward. What the Anti-Sleep Alarm does is it detects this motion. When your head tilts down 15 to 20 degrees, the Anti-Sleep Alarm will activate, giving off a sound that will most definitely perk you up. The Anti-Sleep Alarm is a great product to have when you need to study for a test or presentation, or when you are driving for long hours. Also, what's great about the Anti-Sleep Alarm is that it is very comfortable to use so it should not cause you any discomfort when it is on your ear. The Anti-Sleep Alarm is guaranteed to keep you alert and awake.

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