Astro Tape - Reviews Say This Product is Extremely Helpful for Storing Screws, Nuts, Bolts and Other Small Metal Items

If you do a lot of DIY repairs around the house, then you are very much familiar with situation wherein you lose screws, nuts bolts, screwdrivers, nails and other metal items that you may be working with on your home repair and maintenance sessions. For an extremely convenient and innovative way to keep these items organized and within easy reach, the Astro Tape™ is one product that you should definitely buy. The AstroTape is quite a simple product really, but its function is truly amazing and extremely convenient. The Astro tape is sticky adhesive tape on one side, and a magnetic surface on the other. This opens up a myriad of usage possibilities for the Astro Tape. You can stick the Astro Tape on the garage wall, where you can set aside and attach common repair items that get lost like screws, washers, nuts bolts and many more. You can also stick some Astro Tape in common repair areas like under the sink, on the garage wall and many more, so that the small metal bits that you are working with will not get lost easily. A lot of reviews are amazed at how a simple product as Astro Tape can actually transform their repair jobs from something that is frustrating to a much easier job. You also get a 16 foot of Astro Tape, gives you enough of the Tape to attach it to key areas around your house.

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