Atomic Beam Reach - This is One Very Functional Portable Light Source that You Will Definitely Find Useful

A lot of the common problems that you may encounter while in your home or office involves you not being able to easily reach something or not having enough light to see something that is in a tight spot in your home effectively. If you are looking for a product that will solve these problems, then the Atomic Beam Reach™ is the product that you should get. As seen on, the Atomic Beam Reach may look like a slim flashlight, which it is, but it also has a lot more features that makes it so much better. First off, the Atomic Beam Reach’s flashlight tip is also an extendable gooseneck which allows you to bend the flashlight for better aiming. Also, thanks to Atomic Beam Flat Panel LED technology the product’s body also functions as an LED lantern giving you light at a 360-degree arc. Also, what’s great about the Atomic Beam Reach’s tip is that it is magnetic, allowing you to easily reach and grab for metal objects. Also notable is this product can also put out a red safety LED and also has a strobing function, making it much easier to spot. With all of these amazing features, the Atomic Beam Reach is without a doubt a very functional and truly useful portable light source.

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