Atomic Lantern - Reviews say this is a Tactical Flashlight and Lantern That You Will Find to Be Very Useful and Reliable

One of the most important everyday as well as emergency tools that you will need to have in your home is a flashlight. If you are looking for one that is truly bright, functional and reliable then the Atomic Lantern™ is the product that you should get. As seen on, this Amazing Lantern features 30 LED bulbs which produce ultra-bright light in a 360-degree arc. This makes the Atomic Lantern really bright and should able to provide you the illumination that you need should the power go out or if you are in an area where there is simply no artificial lighting available, like if you are out camping in the woods for example. The AtomicLantern is also extremely durable thanks to its aluminum casing which makes this product able to resist damage due to accidental impact or drops. Reviews also love that the Atomic Lantern is waterproof so it can be relied upon for providing lighting during storms and can actually still be functional even when fully submerged. With all these features, the Atomic Lantern is a truly durable tool that will last you many years of use. Its compact form factor also makes the Atomic Lantern very easy to bring outdoors.

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