Attached at the Hip - Reviews Say this is the Best Portable Storage Solution to Use When You are On the Go

If you go out of the house a lot then chances are you bring a wallet or a purse along with you but the problem with these is that they can become thick or quite heavy, making bringing them uncomfortable and that it is also possible that these can be stolen. If you are looking for a more convenient and more secure way of bringing your valuables along with you when you go out then Attached at the Hip™ is the product that you will want to get. As seen on, it is a portable storage solution that is filled with a lot of innovative solutions. As the name goes, Attached to the Hip is mounted onto your hip area. What you do is to put the inner side of Attached at the Hip in the hip area of your pants and then clip the front side into place. Attached at the Hip features magnets that allow the product to securely snap into place while at the same time maintain its thin profile. The product is also water resistant so it should be able to effectively protect the contents from moisture. Reviews also love that Attached at the Hip has a thin profile so you can easily wear it under your clothing without too much hassle.

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