Auggiedog - Reviews say this is a Great Tool to Have Should Your Dog Poo on the Street While Walking

If you are a pet lover and you have a pet dog then probably one of the most relaxing activities for you would be walking your dog but problems arise when your dog poops while walking, causing you a lot of hassle when cleaning up. If you are looking for a tool that will save you from this hassle when walking your pet, then the Auggiedog™ is the product that you should get. The product makes it very easy for you to remove dog poo from virtually any surface whether it be on grass, pavement, gravel and many more. As seen on, the Auggie dog features a lightweight, walking cane design that makes very easy for you to bring along when walking your dog. Should your dog poo, simply step on the Auggiedog's base and pull up on the handle to separate the Auggie dog, then simply place the Auggiedog's nozzle over your dog's poo and then press a button. The Auggiedog features a specially designed mechanism that will allow it to easily pull up the poo without the need for you to handle the dirt using a plastic bag or the need for you to bend down. Once you pass by a trash bin, simply place the nozzle inside and then press a button and it should release the poo easily. Reviews also love that the Auggiedog has its own storage base that also doubles as a cleaner for the product so use and storage of the Auggiedog should not be difficult at all.

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