Auto Fresh Litter Refresher - Reviews Say this Product will Keep Your Cat's Litterbox Smelling Fresh

Having a cat in your home is definitely great as it can be a fun and fulfilling experience caring for a cat. The problem however is that caring for a cat can also be quite the messy experience and when not done right, it is possible that your house can stink as well. If you are looking for a product that will help keep your cat's litterbox smelling as fresh as possible then the Auto Fresh Litter Refresher™ is the product for you. The Litter Refresher comes with the device itself along with a bottle of odor neutralizing liquid that you load into the device. To use the AutoFresh LItter Refresher, all you need to do is to clip it on the sides of the litterbox. As seen on, the Auto Fresh Litter Refresher features infra red sensors which detect when your cat enters or leaves the litterbox. Once the sensor detects that your cat has already left the litter box, it will wait for thirty seconds and then spray the odor neutralizing liquid onto the litter box. This spray will neutralize any odors inside your cat's litterbox and will keep it smelling fresh, and reviews really love that the product allows for automatic maintenance of the fresh smell of your cat's litterbox.

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