BackJoy - A Portable Core Orthotic that Reduces Any Type of Back Pain By Correcting Posture With its Ergonomic Construction

With BackJoy® Core, the aches and pains of the back are relieved, and future back pains can be prevented. Whether your back pain arises from a previous injury, or from the stress of sitting all day on the job, lifting weights, or normal daily activities like vacuuming or getting packages out of the car, the inconvenience of neck aches, lower back throbs, or even your nerves send stinging pain down your legs can finally be relieved with BackJoy. This portable orthotic is ergonomically designed to induce posture as you sit down. According to Dr. Anthony Cardillo, emergency room specialist, normal sitting makes the weight push down on the lower spine and pelvic region in a C shape. This creates disc compressions and leads to unhealthy posture, immobility, reduced circulation, and aggravated pain and injury. BackJoy core corrects sitting posture effortlessly, and its supportive design produces pelvic stabilization. The spine automatically assumes proper alignment, which in turn decreases pressure on the vertebrae, the discs, and the spinal nerves. Does the BackJoy core really work? A review by one woman noted that her back pain is all gone, while other reviews say much the same, including a user of 2 years who said he noticed that the instant he sat on it, that it gave him the correct posture after sitting. The BackJoy can be placed on any chair or stool and as you sit on it, you can feel your posture correct itself.

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