Backward Brella - This Umbrella Will Help Keep Spills and Drips to a Minimum

The umbrella is the go-to tool when it comes to protecting yourself from the rain but the problem with the conventional design of the umbrella is that it leaves you much more vulnerable to getting wet as you open your umbrella and that such umbrellas are also much more prone to spills and drips. As seen on, if you are looking for an umbrella that does not have these problems then the Backward Brella™ is the product that you should use. Unlike traditional umbrellas, the Backward Bella closes with the wet side in, dry side out. What this means is that the rain drops from the umbrella will be stored inside, instead of dripping to the floor on the outside. You can then choose to pour the stored raindrops to the sink or outside of your home, minimizing the mess. Also, since the Backward Brella opens from the inside out, users will be able to experience improved protection from the rain when going out of your home or car door, which will really help to keep users as dry as possible when using the Backward Brella. Its unique design also prevents the Backward Brella from collapsing when hit with a strong wind. This makes the Backward Brella much more reliable umbrella design.

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