Bacon Basket - Enjoy Lots of Recipes Served in this Bacon Bowl

Bacon is one of those foods that a love of people love to eat due to its mouthwatering looks and delicious taste, but cooking it is another story, and coming up with bacon that is perfectly cooked can be quite difficult to achieve. If you want to eat perfectly cooked bacon, as well as add many unique twists and toppings to it, then the Bacon Basket™ is the cooking tool for you. The revolutionary Bacon Basket will change the way you cook bacon, and it is very easy to do. All you need to do is to wrap cut bacon on the Bacon Basket, pop it into your microwave and in just a few minutes, you will get your very own, homemade bacon bowl. Along with the Bacon Basket, you also get the Everything's Better in a Bacon Basket cookbook that will not only teach you how to incorporate different toppings like cheese and spices into your bacon meals, but will also teach you how to use the Bacon Basket to create bread bowls for pizza, soups, and many more. So if you love to eat bacon, or want to come up with unique and delicious snacks, then the Bacon Basket is definitely a great addition to your kitchen.

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