Bacon Bowl - Make a Bowl of Bacon in Your Microwave Oven for a Unique Way to Eat Eggs and Other Recipes

Eating perfectly cooked bacon is a delicious and tasty experience, but cooking bacon with conventional cooking methods can get boring after a while. With the Bacon Bowl™, however, you can whip up perfectly cooked bacon with ease in a unique serving container. The amazing Bacon Bowl is really easy to use. All you need is to wrap your favorite cut of bacon around the bacon bowl. Place the Bacon Bowl inside a microwave or oven to cook, and after just a few minutes, you will be eating delicious and perfectly cooked bacon. With the Bacon Bowl, you do not need to fry bacon, which can cause the bacon to be wrinkly or get burnt. As seen on, the Bacon Bowl gives you a much more convenient as well as consistent method of cooking your bacon. It is also a versatile cookware, as you can pop the Bacon Bowl into a microwave or oven to cook. You can also use the Bacon Bowl for serving not just bacon, but other recipes as well such as eggs, cheese, and many more. Along with the included "Better in a Bacon Bowl" cookbook and recipe guide, you should be whipping up unique, mouthwatering and very delicious bacon based meals ease.

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