Bacon Wave - Best Microwave Bacon Cooker for Crisp Perfect Bacon without the Fat and Grease

Bacon is one of the most popular of all breakfast foods. But while most people may love crispy bacon, almost no one likes making it. But with Bacon Wave™ you can cook delicious bacon right in your microwave in just minutes. Say goodbye to the grease, fat, and hassle of cooking bacon in a traditional frying pan. The BaconWave microwave bacon cooker is healthier because the fat and grease drips into the lower pan, making for a meal with less cholesterol and fewer calories. It fits into any size microwave. And this bacon cooker does all the work, without the need to hassle with an old fashioned skillet and spatula. Here are the easy to follow instructions: Just put the strips into your Bacon Wave, skewer each piece securely in place, pop it in the microwave and cook. That's it! Each Bacon Wave can hold up to 14 pieces of bacon, but the product is stackable, so you can cook up to 28 strips of bacon in your microwave at once. The patented design prevents curling and breakage for bacon that looks and tastes wonderful. The Bacon Wave microwave cooker is made of durable, temperature-safe, BPA-free plastic that makes it always cool to the touch, and it is completely dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Now you can enjoy bacon and egg breakfasts, BLTs, bacon cheeseburgers, and even bacon bits for salads in less time and with less work. Also available is the companion Egg N Omelet Wave for eggs and omelets right in your microwave in minutes.

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