Bag Hero - Eat Your Favorite Potato Chips and Snacks More Conveniently and Keep Them Fresh for Longer with this Product

Potato chips are great to eat while watching TV, playing a video game or when simply looking for something to snack on. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to enjoy eating these chips with minimal risk of you spilling your bag of chips or to help keep such products fresh while in the bag then Bag Hero™ is the product for you. As seen on, Bag Hero offers a number of features that makes it better compared to conventional chip clips. Bag Hero attaches to the bottom of the chips bag, making it function as a stand, minimizing the risk of your potato chips spilling on the table, floor or on your couch. If you have some left over chips left inside the bag then you simply fold the potato chips bag, pull on the Bag Hero to extend the cord, wrap it over the folded area and then lock the cord onto the back of the Bag Hero. This prevents the air from getting inside the bag, ensuring that the chips stay fresh and crispy for longer. Aside from being a great way to hold, store and organize potato chip bags, what's great about the Bag Hero is that it can also be used to store and hold salad and veggie bags making it quite the versatile tool to add to your kitchen area.

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