Bake A Bone - Best Way to Make Healthy Homemade Dog Treats. Includes Book of Easy Recipes and Peanut Butter Mix.

Your dogs love getting those treats that are shaped like bones. But those doggie snacks sold in stores are loaded with all kinds of with fillers and preservatives. Dog owners who want something healthier for their pets need the Bake A Bone™ to make all natural and delicious dog treats right at home. There has never been anything like it. Bake A Bone is easy to use: Just follow the simple recipes from the guide book, then pour the batter in the molds and bake. In under 8 minutes you will have perfectly shaped, wholesome, and delicious dog treats. The flavors available in the recipe guide include: Snickerpoodles, Cheesy Bites, Banana Biscotti, Bacon Bite, Veggie Snacks, Breath Mint Bones. It comes with an easy to use readymade peanut butter recipe mix. (Other flavor mixes are also available.) And for hard to feed dogs on special diets there are gluten free and organic recipes you can use. Gourmet specialty dog treats available in stores, catalogs and online can cost a fortune. But the homemade treats BakeABone makes cost just pennies a piece. The molds ensure that the snacks you make will always be perfectly formed and you can even decorate them for a special and unique gift for the dog-lover in your life. Healthy Bake A Bone treats make the perfect reward to keep training healthy and fun for your animal.

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