Bambillo - This Pillow Provides Optimum Support as Well As a Cooling Effect to Your Head for Great Sleep

If you are having a lot of trouble sleeping and you wake up with neck and back pain then it could be your pillow that is causing the problem. If you are looking for a pillow that will provide the utmost comfort throughout the night then the Bambillo™ is the pillow for you. What makes the Bambillo so comfortable is the shredded memory foam that is used as the filler for the pillow. This material follows the contour of your neck and shoulders, providing optimum support no matter your sleeping position. But it is not only the inside of the pillow that is special about the Bambillo, as its exterior is also a cut above the rest. Unlike most pillows that utilize synthetic fibers as pillow case, the Bambillo features a pillow case that contains viscose fibers made from bamboo. This material is much more breathable than regular synthetic cloth pillows cases, allowing the Bambillo to allow air to pass through the pillow with ease. With the Bambillo as your pillow, you are guaranteed to experience adequate support, total comfort and a cooling effect while you doze off, ensuring that you will get a long and restful sleep all the time.

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