Bandaloom - This Rainbow Band Loom Kit Creates Beautiful Accessories like a Bracelet, Necklace and More

Are you tired of letting your child wear the same boring and common department store accessories and you want to give your child something unique and fun accessories that will definitely stand out? The Bandaloom™ could be the perfect kit for you. It is a loom kit that will allow you to create many unique and colorful accessories that you could customize to your liking. The kit comes with 2 Bandaloom Looms, band hooks, heart charms, cat charms and 2 sets of rainbow collection bands that total up to 1000 colored bands that come in a wide variety of colors. With the sheer number of bands as well as the various hooks and charms, you or even your child can easily come up with colorful and unique accessories that will surely catch anyone's attention. You can create a colorful bracelet, an intricately patterned necklace, colorful rings for each finger or a single colored accessory that will match any of your child's outfits: the possible accessories you can come up with the Bandaloom is only limited by your imagination and creativity. Not only will it help make you or your child stand out, you will definitely have fun creating your own accessories as well.

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