Bare Minerals - Bare Escentuals Beauty Cosmetics Kit Uses Brush, Blush, Foundation and Eye Shadow to Keep You Looking Naturally Beautiful.

The beauty and cosmetics industry is filled to the brim with foundation products to choose from. But because skin care is also important, many of these products are not viable makeup solutions. Enter Bare Minerals™ by Bare Escentuals. This makeup is so pure, so light and healthy, you could actually sleep in it! What this foundation does is miraculous; it covers blemishes, scars, wrinkles and even rosacea and pigmentation on the face and neck in an instant. Bare Minerals foundation is a powder, but feels and covers like a cream and always results in flawless looking skin. Not only has Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals been featured in multiple magazines such as Glamour; it has also received the recommendation of the Skin Cancer Foundation. Containing SPF 15, this makeup blocks UVA rays from the sun. These are the dangerous rays that cause cancer, collagen depletion and are also the culprit of fine lines and age spots. Founded in 1976, Bare Escentuals has knowledge and experience in the cosmetics industry that has been put the good use for women all over the world. Individuals can cover blotchy skin and receive an all over even skin tone no matter what their complexion is like. Four skin tones are represented by Bare Minerals: Light, Medium, Tan and Deep. There's something for everyone! So easy to use, Bare Minerals goes on easily with a brush, and can be purchased in singles or in a kit. Easy to use, and super effective - Bare Mineral by Bare Escentuals gives you flawless skin in an instant.

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