BathBone - Make it Easy to Wash Your Dog With this Bath Tub Leash Bar

If you are an avid pet lover and love to take great care of your pet dog, then you are most likely familiar with how difficult it can get to give your dog a regular bath as your pet most likely tends to go all over the place, leaving behind a lot of mess. Having a BathBone™ however, will make it very easy and convenient for you to wash your dog, as well as do other hygiene related care to it. BathBone is a specially designed bar that will act as a suitable base for you to leash your dog on, preventing your dog from too much moving around while you give him or her a bath. To use, all you need to do is adjust the length of the Bath Bone in order for it to securely mount onto the sides of your bathtub. Then simply clip your dog onto the BathBone and you should be able to wash your dog with ease. Before, you might have had to use one hand to hold your dog in place while you wash your pet with the other hand. Not only is this very inconvenient, but at times it's impossible to do. With the BathBone, your dog is securely hooked onto the sturdy BathBone, preventing the need for you to manually restrict your dog's movement and therefore giving you both of your hands to do the cleaning of your dog. Not only will it make cleaning a lot easier, but the fact that your dog is secured onto the BathBone means that your pet will not go and run around in the middle of a bath, decreasing the chances of your pet leaving a lot of mess inside your home.

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