Beddie Bear - Reviews say this is One Teddy Bear that Your Child Will Love

Teddy bears are classic toys that you can give to your child. If you are looking for a more modern take on the good old teddy bear, then the Beddie Bear™ is definitely the one to give to your child. As seen on, the BeddieBear comes in a 22-inch height which makes it just the right size for small children or even for adults if they want to use one. It features 3 colorful designs which includes Roscoe the grizzly bear, Bamboo the panda and then Oslo the polar bear. The Beddie Bear is made out of high quality and super soft plush which makes the teddy bear really soft and comfortable to hug and should give your child some extra warmth as well. What makes the Beddie Bear different from other teddy bears, and is a feature that a lot of reviews love, is that the product features a zipper which when opened, reveals a blanket inside. This makes the Beddie Bear a truly great bed time buddy and will surely help your child's sleep more comfortable and relaxing. The Beddie Bear is also limited edition so with this product, your child will have a truly awesome and special teddy bear to play and cuddle with.

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