Bell and Howell Solar Animal Repeller - The Ultrasonic Animal Repeller That Is Effective, Safe and Humane

Are pesky animals always causing all sorts of trouble on your property? Raccoons that tip over your garbage can? Dogs that dig up your yard and wreck your garden? Rabbits that eat your plants? Then you need an animal repeller. But it can't just be any animal repeller, because safety and being humane are important. Conventional traps and toxic chemicals are inhumane, and we all know these animals don't know any better than to do as they do. What's worse is they could harm other people who may be visiting you, or even give you injuries if mishandled. The best way to take care of animal problems without harming anyone is the Bell and Howell Solar Animal Repeller™. This device is an ultrasonic, solar powered animal repeller that will keep all those nuisance creatures off your property without hurting anyone. It does this by using sonic frequency sound that cannot be heard by people, but agitates and repels these pests. As seen on TV, the Bell and Howell Solar Animal Repeller will detect movement in your property using a motion sensor. When it detects a sound, it will emit ultrasonic sounds that will drive the animals away without harming them, or bothering you. Because it is solar powered, you do not need to load it with batteries, and will always have stored energy for night time. Review the Bell and Howell Solar Animal Repeller experience this immensely useful addition to any lawn or garden for yourself.

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