Bell + Howell Clever Light - The Versatile Light Source You Will Find Useful in Numerous Situations

If power goes out in your area more frequently than you can bear then you are most likely fed-up with flashlights that can be very hard to look for, especially considering that it is quite dark now that the power is out. If you are looking for a light source that is versatile enough to use on power outage situations as well as in other settings then the Bell + Howell Clever Light™ is the best light source that you can find. To use, all that you need to do is to plug it into a vacant socket and the Clever Light's lithium Ion battery will charge right away. Once the power goes out, the CleverLight will automatically go on to provide you the light that you need. Also, you can just flip a switch on the Clever Light and it will now act as a motion sensing light source that will turn on once it detects movement and will turn off after a while. Adding a number of Clever Lights to different parts of the house will make it much more convenient for you to go to the bathroom at night or to go to the kitchen to grab a midnight snack. The Clever Light is small and portable and can also be used as a flashlight, making it a truly clever solution for your emergency lighting needs.

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