Bell Howell Micro Max - Reviews Say this is the Most Compact Yet Still Quite Powerful Flashlight You Can Get

Most powerful flashlights are quite bulky, but switching to smaller ones will mean that you will be compromising on the light that you will be getting. If you are looking for a flashlight that is small yet still provides a great amount of light then the Bell Howell Micro Max™ is the product for you. The flashlight itself is very small yet it still is able to pack in 6 LED lights that provide bright illumination. To power it, all you need to do is snap the Micro Max onto a 9 volt battery and you should be able to enjoy the powerful illumination that the product can give. What a lot of reviews love however is that the light produced by the Micro Max can be adjusted. Aside from the full 6 LED mode which makes the Micro Max a powerful flashlight; you can also switch to a 2 LED mode that transforms the MicroMax into a 2 LED light source that makes it work great as a reading light. As seen on, with the Bell + Howell Micro Max, you will be able to get the spot illumination that you need, without having to deal with the bulky and expensive flashlights that are usually available today.

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