Bendaroos - Reviews Show Kids Love These Amazing Flexible Building Sticks. Buy Now and Get a Double Offer. As Seen On TV.

Want a creative toy both you and your child will absolutely love? Try Bendaroos®, the flexible colorful building sticks your kids can use to build, decorate and imagine anything. Bendaroos will never make a mess, color the walls or stain clothing - Bendaroos are clean, safe and fun. With Bendaroos, your kids can build flexible creations like animals, people and cars; decorate their rooms, dressers and pencils; stylize with jewelry and headbands; write their names in midair; transform household objects into wonderful artistic inspiration and so much more. As seen on TV, Bendaroos are magical wax wrapped around super strong string - you can bend them, stick them, lift them but you can't break them. And best of all, Bendaroos can unbend so they can be used time and time again for countless hours of creative learning excitement. Plus, Bendaroos are safe and clean for traveling in the car, waiting for your order in the restaurant or even passing time in the waiting room. You don't need Bendaroos reviews to see how much of a Benda-blast Bendaroos are - just watch your kids play with them for five minutes. The smiles on their faces will be your reviews. You'll get 125 rainbow colored Bendaroos, 125 bright neon Bendaroos and the Bendaroos Fun Guide. Buy right now and you'll get double the order - 250 more Bendaroos - absolutely free! That's 500 total Bendaroos and the Fun Guide all in one fun Benda-bundle. Give your child the gifts of fun and creativity.

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