Better Bagger - The Fantastic Device That Holds Open Your Plastic Food Storage Bags

Plastic storage bags are amazing. They cost less than plastic containers. They adjust to the size of their contents, meaning there is less wasted space when you use them. And picking the right one allows you to have proper airtight and watertight sealing, which is especially important for food storage. But if you know all this, then you probably also know the one big problem that comes with using these storage bags - it's hard to put some things inside them. For example, you want to scoop in some pasta from the pan into a food storage bag. One hand holds the bag open, the other hand scoops the pasta in. Sounds simple, but then the bag won't stay open, or the pan keeps moving around when you try to scoop the pasta out. Don't you wish you were holding the bag open with two hands? Don't you wish you were holding the pan and the scooper? That would mean you need four hands. That or you could get a Better Bagger™. The Better Bagger is a simple and effective way to use storage bags that will make you fall in love with them all over again. The Better Bagger will hold up your storage bag so that you can use both your hands to transfer contents into the bag. It's easy to use, and very effective. Even the hardest things to bag, like soups and stews will be just a breeze with the Better Bagger. Get one today! Try the Official Better Bagger™ for Yourself for Only $10 with a Buy 1, Get 1 FREE Special!

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