Bidet Buddy - Transform Your Conventional Toilet Bowl into a Luxurious One with this Product

For many years, toilet paper has been the cleaning solution for a lot of people after using the toilet but the problem with toilet paper is that it can be quite uncomfortable to use and may not be able to provide you with a thorough clean. Instead of relying on toilet paper, the Bidet Buddy™ is what you will want to get for your toilet bowl. As seen on, what's great about this product is that it is very easy to mount and use. Simply install the Bidet Buddy under your toilet seat, connect its water line to your toilet bowl's tank and it should be good to go. After using the toilet, simply press a button on the BidetBuddy to activate it, and it should extend and produce a stream of water that will give you a truly clean feeling. After its flow cycle is done, the Bidet Buddy's nozzle will automatically go back to its storage position. You can easily adjust the water flow that the Bidet Buddy produces so if you want a stronger flow for a truly thorough clean or if you want just the right amount of water flow for a comfortable feeling then the Bidet Buddy can definitely accommodate your need.

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